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    Spiderman became well known in the New York area. This was in part because he would take and sell pictures of his escapades to the New York newspaper, the Daily Bugle.

    Peter would find love with his neighbor, Aunt Anna's niece, Mary Jane though he dated Betty Brant, who worked for the Daily Bugle and later Gwen Stacy (who was killed in a battle between Spiderman and the Green Goblin). He warded off the advances of Liz Allen, who had a thing for him, sometime between relationships with his two loves, Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy

    Peter asked Mary Jane to marry him, only to have her turn him down. She would eventually relent and the two were married. Mary Jane would even become pregnant. Unfortunately, the baby would be kidnapped by one of Spiderman's nemesis, the Green Goblin. Peter and Mary thought the baby had died in a miscarriage. 

    Today, the adventurers of Spiderman continue. In movies, games and comic books, both Spiderman and Peter Parker continue to evolve.   The internet has made it even easier than ever for Spiderman fans to enjoy all things related to the popular character. There are websites dedicated to him as well as free flash games that can be played online. 

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