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    Spiderman Game Reviews
    Posted by: spidey, 2016-07-01, 10:35 - 0 comments

    Game Reviews
    Flash Spiderman games are a great deal of fun. They tend to be exciting and are easy to learn. There are a ton of them out there with new ones popping up all of the time. Not only are online flash games fun, they are free, which makes us like them even more! Two of our favorite Spiderman flash games are The Amazing Spiderman and Rescue Mary Jane. We'll take a look at each of them below. Perhaps after playing them a few times, they will become favorites of yours as well if they aren't already. We could be preaching to the choir here. 

    The Amazing Spiderman

    This game is sponsored by the popular undergarments company, Underoos. In it, players are instructed to swing from building to building, collecting boxers and shirts along the way. After each level has been completed, players will collect a t-shirt. Without a t-shirt, it is impossible to move on. 

    The aim of this game is collect as many boxers and shirts an individual can. This must be done while holding onto the items already collected and without falling between buildings. Clicking the mouse will trigger the swing function.  

    This is a simple game. The learning curve is short. After a quick review of the instructions and playing it a few times, players should become pretty adept at playing it rather quickly. 

    Rescue Mary Jane

    In this game, players will be responsible for saving Spiderman/Peter Parker's love interest, Mary Jane. Mary Jane is the love of Parker's life and he would do anything to make sure she was safe and out of harm's way. Players get to play the part of Peter with the goal of saving the day. Spiderman swings from building to building trying to reach Mary Jane, before the allotted time runs out. 

    Positioning is extremely important in this game. Players have to position themselves correctly in order to have a shot at landing the jumps and finishing the course in enough time. Jumps become shortened, the higher a person swings on the web. The converse is true. The lower a person swings on the web, the longer and more time consuming the jumps will be. The more time they take, the less likely they will be able to save Mary Jane. 

    The left arrow key moves Spiderman left. The right key moves him right. The up arrow key should be used when Spiderman needs to climb up while the down arrow key, allows him to climb down. The space bar is used for jumping. 

    Individuals that like flash games and Spiderman are sure to have a ball playing games like Rescue Mary Jane and Amazing Spiderman. Both are a lot of fun and simple enough that they can be learned quickly. There are many more flash games that are very similar in style and which all feature Spiderman or one of his enemies, ensuring that fans will be able to get their fix of the popular superhero anytime they want and for free.  

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