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    Spiderman is one of the world's most beloved superheroes. He fights crimes, gets the girl (Mary Jane) and has an alter ego that is normal, likeable and relatable, if not a bit goofy. Peter Parker, Superman's alter ego, works as a freelance photographer and adventurer. He was born in New York City, and has only one remaining blood relative, his aunt May Parker. Parker's parents are both deceased as is his uncle whose death he feels responsible for.  Orphaned at age 6, Peter Parker's parents, who were both spies, were killed in an airplane crash overseas.

    Spiderman was a later addition to Peter Parker's life. The superhero, alter ego wasn't born until Parker was in high school. Prior to that, Parker was an orphaned child who was sent to live with his Aunt May Parker and Uncle Benjamin Parker.  While at a public exhibit held by General Techtronics Corporation, a Common House Spider, which was hit by a particle accelerator beam, bit Parker. Stung by the bite, Peter quickly left the exhibit. On his way home, he was jumped by a gang of thugs. Surprisingly, he was able to throw them off with an unusual and seemingly supernatural strength. Running away from the scene, he found himself jumping 30 feet in the air, to get out of the way of a speeding vehicle. 

    Parker would eventually be dubbed the Amazing Spiderman by a talent agent who saw him participate in a wrestling promotion match, where fans were allowed to test their mettle by getting in the ring with a professional wrestler. Anyone who could stay in the ring for at least 3 minutes received a prize. Needless to say, Peter Parker/Spiderman came out on top.

    Peter would eventually try to join-up with other crime fighters to make full use of his powers. However, he was unable to, at least initially. He failed to break into the Fantastic Four. Spiderman would be forced to go it alone, though he would eventually, from time-to-time ally with the Avengers.

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