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    Spider-Man 3 (2007) - Movie Review
    Posted by: spidey, 2016-06-30, 16:46 - 0 comments

    Spiderman 3 was released in 2007. It marked the final film in the Spiderman trilogy. Much of the plot was familiar to diehard Spiderman fans. Peter Parker still doubled as Spiderman and Mary Jane was still his love interest and a Broadway performer. Harry Osborn still had a sore spot for Peter because he blamed Spiderman for his dad's death.

    The Plot

    There were a few new twists. Spiderman battles Flint Mark, a shape shifter made of sand for the first time. Spiderman, himself, experiences some major changes. Having been hit by an extraterrestrial symbiote, his dark side is exposed and on display. When Peter rejects it, it takes up residence in Eddie Brock (who eventually becomes Venom), a fellow photographer and competitor. Subsequently, Spiderman faces one of his toughest onscreen enemies. Venom is a tough foe, one that Spiderman struggles to control and defeat.

    While the first two Spiderman movies were hits with both audiences and critics, this particular film didn't sit well with the latter, at least not all of them. The reviews for Spiderman 3 were mixed. However, even though many critics gave it less than stellar marks, audiences loved it. It would go on to become Sony Pictures Entertainment's most successful film and one of Marvel's most notable. Spiderman 3 was the highest grossing movie ever released by Sony Pictures. 

    In the film, Spiderman finds himself battling several enemies, amongst them Harry Osborn, a one-time friend turned foe that has it in for Spiderman because he believes that he is responsible for his father's death. Harry takes on Peter as the New Goblin. While Spiderman and Harry are battling it out, Harry bumps his head, and develops amnesia. Subsequently, he forgets about the feud between himself and Spiderman. He also forgets that Peter Parker is Spiderman. 

    Harry isn't Spiderman's only foe in the movie. He also takes on the Sandman, formerly Flint Marko, whose body was fused with sand following a fall into a pit filled with particle accelerator. The Sandman becomes one of Spiderman's most vicious enemies.  

    Spiderman 3: The Game

    A Spiderman 3 game was released in support of the movie. It's a fun game and a no-brainer for those who own the first and second games. Spiderman 3 was designed for all of the major game systems, including the Wii, PS3, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, Playstation 2, Playstation Portable, Wii, TV Game, Xbox and mobile devices.  The game's developers came up with different plots, based on the game system. For instance, the plot for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC is different from than the plot for the Game Boy Advance and TV Game systems. 

    Spiderman 3 game plot

    The Spiderman 3 game plot isn't identical to that of the movie. It includes characters that aren't in the movie. It also incorporates different aspects of the Marvel Univers and Spiderman comics. The game's villains will depend on the particular game system. However, there are three which make appearance in every game, regardless of what game system it was designed for. They are Sandman, New Goblin and Venom.  

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