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    Spiderman Enemies
    Posted by: spidey, 2016-06-30, 16:28 - 0 comments

    A superhero can't be classified as such without having antagonists, enemies, villains, etc. All of the best superheroes have them. Spiderman is no different. He has managed to develop plenty of enemies over his lifetime. I guess that's what a life of fighting crime gets you. Some of Spidey's most notable enemies are Venom, Mysterio, Sandman, Chameleon, Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin. We'll take a look at each of their back stories below. 

    Some people might be surprised to know that in Spiderman's early Marvel comic days, he didn't play the star. Instead, he was written in as the protagonist's buddy or side kick. Initially, the superhero's story lines would revolve around him being a lonely teenager/superhero who was afraid of being rejected and who felt inadequate. He was written to be relatable to teens.  As his story evolved, Spiderman would, on his own, learn what it meant to become a superhero. He was the first to quote the line, "With great power there must also come great responsibility." However, writers would later go back and give the line to Peter Parker's late Uncle Ben. 

    Eventually, Spiderman would be given his own comic book series. The Amazing Spider-Man, was the first. Incredibly successful, it would have the longest run of all the character's series. Throughout The Amazing Spider-Man, Spiderman's character would evolve. He would go from a young, lonely high school age student to a high school teacher. Much later, he would switch occupations and become a freelance photographer. As it concerned his superhero exploits, once a largely solo crime fighter, he would join the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. 

    Spiderman made his Marvel comic debut in 1962 in the Amazing Fantasy #15 edition. His character was given an alter ego named, Peter Benjamin Parker. Spiderman's existence was kept a secret even from Parker's closest friends and family members. Very few people knew that he was both Peter Parker and Spiderman. His love interest and later wife would eventually learn the truth. 

    Steve Ditko, who is a writer and an artist and Stan Lee a writer and editor, came up with the Spiderman concept and character. The duo created his entire back story, including how he was orphaned at a young age and raised by relatives. They wanted to chronicle the difficulties and angst felt by many teenagers. In addition to struggling to successfully navigate youth and adolescence, Parker felt forced to hide his identity as a secret crime fighter.

    Spiderman became well known in the New York area. This was in part because he would take and sell pictures of his escapades to the New York newspaper, the Daily Bugle.

    Peter would find love with his neighbor, Aunt Anna's niece, Mary Jane though he dated Betty Brant, who worked for the Daily Bugle and later Gwen Stacy (who was killed in a battle between Spiderman and the Green Goblin). He warded off the advances of Liz Allen, who had a thing for him, sometime between relationships with his two loves, Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy

    Peter asked Mary Jane to marry him, only to have her turn him down. She would eventually relent and the two were married. Mary Jane would even become pregnant. Unfortunately, the baby would be kidnapped by one of Spiderman's nemesis, the Green Goblin. Peter and Mary thought the baby had died in a miscarriage. 

    Spiderman is one of the world's most beloved superheroes. He fights crimes, gets the girl (Mary Jane) and has an alter ego that is normal, likeable and relatable, if not a bit goofy. Peter Parker, Superman's alter ego, works as a freelance photographer and adventurer. He was born in New York City, and has only one remaining blood relative, his aunt May Parker. Parker's parents are both deceased as is his uncle whose death he feels responsible for.  Orphaned at age 6, Peter Parker's parents, who were both spies, were killed in an airplane crash overseas.

    Spiderman was a later addition to Peter Parker's life. The superhero, alter ego wasn't born until Parker was in high school. Prior to that, Parker was an orphaned child who was sent to live with his Aunt May Parker and Uncle Benjamin Parker.  While at a public exhibit held by General Techtronics Corporation, a Common House Spider, which was hit by a particle accelerator beam, bit Parker. Stung by the bite, Peter quickly left the exhibit. On his way home, he was jumped by a gang of thugs. Surprisingly, he was able to throw them off with an unusual and seemingly supernatural strength. Running away from the scene, he found himself jumping 30 feet in the air, to get out of the way of a speeding vehicle. 

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