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    Spiderman Wallpapers
    Posted by: spidey, 2016-07-01, 15:54 - 0 comments

    Hi. I know there are thousands of spiderman wallpapers out there already, so there's no point to put them all here. 

    Instead, I've picked only a few I thought you might like. Click on an image below to see a full screen image, which you can than 'save as' and download to your computer.

    Dock Ock Rampage - Game Review
    Posted by: spidey, 2016-07-01, 11:30 - 0 comments

    Dock Ock Rampage is one of Marvel Comics most well-known and popular villains and this game is all about him. While it may not be popular amongst some Spiderman's fans who despise Dock Ock, there will be some people who enjoy it and who it is well-suited for it, namely those that have a soft spot for Dock Ock.  

    In this game, Dock is attempting to wreck his immediate environment as much and as fast as he can. He is taking on vehicles, breaking out windows and defacing buildings. You, the player will help him do it. Actually you will be making sure that he does. Now, Dock Ock will be challenged. There are people out to destroy him. He must maneuver out of their way or risk losing his life. 

    Spider-Man Launch Game Review
    Posted by: spidey, 2016-07-01, 11:05 - 0 comments

    Spiderman Launch is another popular, online, game. In it, the goal is to accurately launch Spiderman to his target, using as few jumps as you can. You will need to use your computer's mouse, to alter both the angle and the power of each jump you take. There will be obstacles in the way. Don't get discouraged! Instead, use them to propel you toward your target. You may be able to stand or push off of them. 

    There will be times when it will look like you won't hit your target. Whenever this happens, make use of your W-key. It will activate the Web-zip, which will double your speed. 

    Spider-Man Rush Game Review
    Posted by: spidey, 2016-07-01, 10:54 - 0 comments

    If you like dirt bikes and Spiderman, this is the perfect game for you! As a player, you will ride your dirt bike, across a variety of terrains. In order to complete each of the game's stages, you will be required to do flips and/or jumps successfully. If you aren't able to, you will lose points. Jumping incorrectly, will cause you to fall, and perhaps, to even go up in flames. You will also lose a life. 

    This time around, Spidey will be traveling via dirt bike, which is a major departure from his usual modes of transportation. It gives players an opportunity to navigate Spiderman in a way that they hardly, if ever, get to.  

    Miles Morales - The New Spider-Man
    Posted by: spidey, 2016-07-01, 10:52 - 0 comments

    Miles Morales replaces Peter Parker after his death in "Death of Spiderman". As his replacement, Morales stars in the new Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man series. However, he will not play the lead in Marvel's corresponding animated series, slated for 2012 on Disney. Introduced in August, 2011, Morales' character has had historical significance for Marvel and Spiderman fans. He is the first ever African-American/Latino Spiderman.

    The Miles Morales character was first dreamed up in 2008, just prior to President Barack Obama's election. Axel Alonso, Marvel's editor-in-chief, believed that the historic election warranted a superhero of minority descent. Few of Marvel's superheroes were minorities and Alonso believed that it was time to change that fact.  Actor, Donald Glover's, an African-American actor, appearance in the popular television program, Community, in Spider-Man pajamas helped seal the deal. 

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