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  • Spiderman Photo Hunt: Daily Bugle needs photos of Spiderman in action. All of its best photographers are out there trying ...
    Rescue Mary Jane: Spiderman is again in situation where he must save Mary Jane. This time she is taken by the Venom an...
    Spiderman Vs Venom Dart Tag: Spider-man is fighting Venom on one of the roofs in the city. The aim is to shoot Venom more times t...
    Spiderman 3 - The Battle Within: Tonight is the night when Spiderman can defeat all his enemies at once. New Goblin, Sandman and Veno...

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    We Welcome All Fans of the Spider-man!

    Hi and welcome to, a place where you can get social with other spiderman fans, play games, read latest spiderman news ... We encourage you to leave comments and share your spider-thoughts with other spider-friends. Our website have evolved over the years. Previously known as 'spiderman games only' we realized that restructuring was necessary at some point. Therefore we changed things: the site became responsive, so called 'mobile devices friendly', we added a commenting system, a rating system and a chat box. There's also a news section and in a near future we will look for adding some other games beside Flash, games made in Html5, or mobile games developed for Android or iOS. We hope that the change was for better and that our spider-fans community will grow bigger and bigger on a daily basis. That's why we welcome everybody to join us at Don't forget to share with your friends and family.

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    Welcome to our Spiderman fan site where we have collected all free Spiderman games we could find online for you to enjoy. Spiderman is one of the famous Marvel characters and is one among top three comic books of all time. You can check more info on Spiderman on Marvel's offical site. Peter Parker is an ordinary teenage boy until one day he gets bitten by a radioactive spider. The bite gave him superpowers and gradually he became the superhero as we know. Taking all that into account, it was perfectly natural that Spiderman games came into being and very popular among the kids.

    The fans simply demanded to have gaming fun with their favorite cartoon and comics character online. Several games have been made and all of them are full of action and excitement. Almost all of the games utilize spiderman's ability to shoot web from his hands and swing from place to place. Rescues are inseparable part of every fun game too. Sometimes he needs to rescue one particular person, and sometimes it is the whole city, but nevertheless you are always in the situation to give your best shoot to help ones in trouble. He is the main character in games where bravery and help is needed. Every game is a tribute to Marvel and people who made this hero part of our lives. Our site may host super heros other than Spiderman, a Batman for instance, as it is very common to see them in various cross-overs in games or on the big screen. You will find out how would your superhero make it in a one-on-one fight and get the answer to the ultimate question who is stronger batman or spiderman?. If you want to see Spiderman in action against the Batman go here

    How it all began?

    SPIDERMAN is one of the world's most beloved superheroes. He fights crimes, gets the girl (Mary Jane) and has an alter ego that is normal, likeable and relatable, if not a bit goofy. Peter Parker, Spider-man's alter ego, works as a freelance photographer and adventurer. read more in spiderman beginnings

    First Appearance

    SPIDERMAN made his Marvel comic début in 1962 in the Amazing Fantasy #15 edition. His character was given an alter ego named, Peter Benjamin Parker. Read more in Spiderman - The First Appearance

    Spider-man Enemies

    Venom (Eddie Brock) was created from an alien symbiote costume, which was a once worn by Spiderman during the Secret Wars. ... The Sandman was originally a convict named Flint Marko who escaped from prison. Green Lantern is one of Spiderman's most well-known and dangerous antagonists. Originally, Norman Osborn, a scientist and business professional ... Read more about his enemies.

    If you are a Spiderman fan you are at the right place and we welcome you to browse and play spiderman games for free! If you prefer Batman Games, I suggest you to visit

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